New Zealand


A Cracker of a Nut

Established in 1996, A Cracker of a Nut purchases walnuts in-the-shell from properties throughout New Zealand. Walnuts are then stored, cracked and separated into a variety of sizes and grades for sale to the hospitality, manufacturing and retail sectors.

Over the years, further development and processing has enabled A Cracker of a Nut to become a year round business and extend the range of products available to include walnut oil, paste, flour, dukkah, chutney and pickled walnuts. Grinding and grading the walnut shells has seen the development of products for the abrasives, cosmetic and wood turning industries.

The walnut factory is situated in West Melton, approximately 30 minutes drive south west of Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand.

Please see information on the future of A Cracker of  a Nut and the 2015 harvest - here.