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Richard Hingston


Richard Hingston

Executive Pastry Chef
Crowne Plaza Christchurch
Cnr Kilmore and Durham Streets
New Zealand


Walnut Tart with Gingernut Ice Cream

10 - 10cm x 2cm incl flan rings

Sweet Pastry



500gm golden delicious OR Granny Smiths (peeled and cored)
200gm feijoa (peeled)
sugar, cinnamon, walnut oil, butter
100gm walnuts (broken up)


100gm sugar
100gm butter
50gm maple syrup
50gm golden syrup
3 eggs


250gm soft flour
125gm sugar
5gm baking powder
350gm butter
200gm rough chopped walnuts

Gingernut ice cream from Kapiti

Sauce - Apple and blackcurrant syrup and anglaise


Line the moulds with the sweet pastry and rest.


Slice the apples into wedges into wedges and slice the feijoas.

Cook in a pan with the walnut oil, sugar, cinnamon and butter until al dente, then cool.


Boil brown sugar, butter, maple and golden syrup, then whisk eggs and add to mix.

Pour onto apples and bake at 180ÂșC. When nearly set put topping on.


Sift soft flour, sugar, baking powder and walnuts, then pour in the melted butter to make a crumble, then place on top of tart.

Continue to bake until golden, then dust lightly with icing sugar.

Place tart in centre of plate with the sauces around the outside and gingernut ice cream in the middle.