A Cracker of a Nut


1996 March

A Cracker of a Nut walnut factory and business established by Malcolm and Jenny Lawrence with Food and Health Standards [NZ] Ltd. Reference number R740154 Selwyn District Council.

Now superceded by the implementation of a HACCP based Food Safety Programme. Assigned Identifyer from the Ministry of Primary Industries  KSA - NFAN - 942845

1998 February

First commercial press of walnut oil in New Zealand

2001 May

Inaugural Savour New Zealand event held in Christchurch. A New Zealand Master Class for food and wine lovers of the world. Master Class presentation given by Jenny Lawrence representing A Cracker of a Nut.

2002 November

Award winner of inaugural 'Cuisine Matua Awards of Innovation and Excellence'.

2005 April

Supplier to the VIP Hospitality Lounge at the New Zealand pavillion, World Expo, Aichi, Japan. The Hospitality Lounge hosted over 4000 international guests including invited dignitaries, business leaders, politicians and media.


New Zealand Gourmet Oil Competition held in conjunction with the Canterbury A & P Association 'Royal Show'.

Two gold medals: KerNelZ Gourmet Oil -250ml Wild Walnut Oil -200ml

2006 May

Mark Sycamore

Tenth Anniversary Celebratory Dinner Boaters Restaurant, Christchurch Town Hall


New Zealand Chef of the Year - Mark Sycamore, Blanket Bay Resort Winning dish using NZ Purple Walnuts from A Cracker of a Nut.

See winning menu.

2007 September

Launch of A Cracker of a Nut website www.crackernut.co.nz


NZ Gourmet Oil Competition held in conjunction with 'The Royal Show' -
Gold Medal:
A Cracker of a Nut - KerNelZ Gourmet Walnut Oil 250ml


Processed over 50 tonnes of walnuts.


Processed over 100 tonnes of walnuts.

2013 January

Exempted from the NZ Food and Hygiene Regulations [1974] and implemented a HACCP based Food Safety Programme. Assigned the identifyer FAS - NFAN - 94284S with the Ministry of Primary Industries which is audited annually by Telarc, registration number 20599.


Processed over 125 tonnes of walnuts.

2015 May

A Cracker of a Nut Ltd business and assets purchased by Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative Ltd and will continue trading as 'A Cracker of a Nut'.


Walnuts New Zealand Co-operative launches its new brand and website: Tricketts Grove