New Zealand

KerNelZ Range

A Cracker of a Nut
Gourmet Walnuts

Two decades of research have preceded the availability of walnuts under this label.

KerNelZ walnuts come from selected walnut cultivars that have been trialled by the New Zealand Tree Crops Association in conjunction with Lincoln University, and more latterly by the New Zealand Walnut Industry Group. The gourmet walnuts have been selected for their quality attributes relating to colour, taste, consistency of size and shape, and fullness of kernel.

Young orchards growing the grafted trees, from the top selections, are now coming into production. Two popular cultivars 'Rex' and 'Meyric' can be purchased on request. All of the gourmet walnuts are used in our extensive product range shown above -

walnut oil, paste, flour, dukkah, pieces, halves, chutney, pickled walnuts and walnuts in-the-shell.

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