New Zealand

Kerakel Range

A Cracker of a Nut
organic walnuts

Certified organic walnuts are available under this label each season. However, supply is limited due to a shortage of certified organic walnut orchards.

The home orchard at A Cracker of a Nut is currently certified organic. Bio
Gro New Zealand is the certifying agency that audits the property of origin
of walnut supply, coupled with another audit of the walnut factory where
the organic walnuts are cracked, graded and packaged ready for sale. Our
certification number is: 922 CO2.

At present, a limited range of organic walnut products is available due to the shortage of walnut supply to the factory. Orders need to be placed early to avoid disappointment. See the Kerakel range of products above. These include walnut pieces, halves and walnuts in-the-shell.