Drying is an extremely important part of the post harvest care needed to present a clean and tasty walnut. At home, place the walnuts on racks to dry and turn the walnuts from time to time. Make sure the racks are placed in an area open to air movement but under cover from rain or evening dew. A hot area with no air circulation will make the walnuts go mouldy.

Air drying on racks will take up to six weeks to be efficient. To check whether the crop is properly dry, open the shell and check whether the partition that lies between the two halves is brittle. If the partition is still soft and flexible it is unlikely the walnut kernel is properly dry. Another way to check is to taste the walnut. If the kernel flesh appears translucent or waxy, the taste is sour, strong or with a distinct after taste then the walnut is still not properly dry.

If you are drying your walnuts at home, the earliest date of delivery to the factory will be 1 June each season.

See detailed article on moisture in walnuts, on the NZWIG site

Drying Service

This service will continue, and the charge will be 45c per kg dry-weight. Nuts must be delivered to the factory, on any week-day morning.

Please call ahead (03-347-8103) to advise when crop will be delivered for drying as we need to organise space.

Dryers are generally turned off from mid to late May so it is important that walnuts for drying be delivered before then.

The cost of drying and storage will be subtracted from your payments.

Those suppliers choosing the drying service offered by ‘A Cracker of a Nut’ have priority storage access at the factory as per the current system.The service requires the supplier to wash the walnuts first, dry the outside shells for two or three days, then get the walnuts, in onion bags, to the factory as soon as possible. Bags will need to be labelled with the supplier’s name, and name of cultivar, where appropriate. Onion bags and labels are available from the factory.