Walnuts can be delivered to the factory for drying during April and May. 

The charge will be 45c per kg dry-weight. Nuts must be delivered to the factory, on any week-day morning. Please call ahead (03-347-8103) to advise when crop will be
delivered for drying as we need to organise space. Dryers are generally turned off from mid to late May so it is important that walnuts for drying be delivered before then.

The cost of drying and storage will be subtracted from your payments.

Those suppliers choosing the drying service offered by ‘A Cracker of a Nut’ have priority storage access at the factory as per the current system.

The harvesting period extends over approximately six weeks, but walnuts should not be kept in a wet or semi-dry state on your property, so please send them in promptly to avoid this. We can receive several shipments from you throughout the season.

Important notes:

  1. Don’t fill onion bags completely full. For proper drying, the bags should be quite loose and floppy. This is so that they fill the gaps between themselves when they are put in the drying bins. About 80% full would be good.

  2. Pre-drying is very important: the drying service requires suppliers to wash the walnuts first, then pre-dry them to the point where the outside of the shell feels dry.  Then put the walnuts in onion bags and get them to the factory as soon as possible to be fully dried.

Those suppliers wishing to dry their own crops, and intending to send their walnuts in for processing, will need to store their walnuts until space is available at the factory.

We cannot accept incoming walnuts without a staff member present as consignment notes MUST be checked in to meet the HACCP programme.

Crops will generally be called in from June, in the order of confirmation of supply for the season, but this may be varied if the factory requires a particular type or quality of nut to fulfil an order. Please email or phone to confirm your supply for the season and report on your expected total approximate dry-weight (kg) of walnuts.

Download or print:

Consignment note

Harvest information 2016